Saturday, November 10, 2007

Gift Basket Giveaway!

October was a good month for me. The best month I've ever had on Etsy. It wasn't just that I made more sales than I ever have before. It wasn't just that I met all kinds of incredibly talented, friendly artists by lurking in the forums. It was a little bit of everything that made it a great month, but it was all because of Etsy.
So, to honor that fact, I'm giving away a gift basket just in time for Christmas. This isn't just any basket, though. We are talking the mother of gift baskets! Bath, beauty, tea, salve...there's a bit of everything in this basket, and to make it even better, the winner can choose their own scents to complete it!
Here's the whole deal:

Every time someone places an order of $20.00 or more through either of my Etsy shops, Tamara's Herbes or Artful Mania, during the month of November they will be entered to win. Want more than one chance to win? I'll make it easy for you. Spend $30.00 and I'll enter your name twice. $40.00...I'll enter your name you see a pattern?

Still not enough entries for you? Fine. How about this...refer someone to my shop who spends $15.00 or more and I'll enter your name again! Just tell them to put your name in the 'Notes to seller' box so I know who sent them!

It's that easy. No gimmicks. No tricks. No fine print to read.

What, exactly, do you get for all your efforts? The greatest gift basket ever! Here's what comes in it...

1 - 4 oz Body Scrub
1 - 4 oz Spritzer
1 - 4 oz Hair Therapy
1 - 4 oz Hair Rinse
1 - 4 oz Herbal Tea
1 - 2 oz Herbal Healing Wash
1 - .25 oz tube Herbal Healing Salve
1 - 2 oz Herbal Chest Rub
1 - 2 oz Face Toner
1 - 2 oz Garden Goddess Masque
1 - .25 oz Lip Balm
1 cotton face scrubby
1 metal tea strainer

If you bought all of this separately it would cost you over $60 dollars! And, the best part...anyone can use these products. Each one is carefully formulated using all natural, chemical free ingredients, so even the most sensitive-skinned person can use it with great results!

I'll choose the winner on December 1, 2007 and notify them immediately. The winner will be able to choose the formulas and scents they would like (yes, even if it is a custom scent!) and the package will be shipped out on December 5th.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit my shops today and get started on your chance to win this great gift basket, just in time for the Holidays!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Wine, Women and Fun!

Six months ago, I didn't even realize there was 'wine country' in Missouri. Today, I not only realize Missouri has a few wineries, but we are considered one of the best wine states in the US. Go figure!
How did I stumble upon this delicious tidbit of information? I started working in a winery, of course. Talk about a lifestyle change! I remember clearly how nervous I was going in for that interview. Did I look the part? Could I act the part? I mean, let's be honest. The extent of my wine experience was grabbing the prettiest bottle from the shelf at the grocery store and hoping it didn't taste like sour vinegar or turpentine-fruit juice.
Today, I know a considerable bit more about wine. And, about the people who drink it. Which is the whole point of this rant.
The first thing I noticed is that wineries, for the most part, tend to attract women far more than they do men. I have a theory on this phenomenon. A winery lends elegance to your day. How much fun is it to say to someone, "We are going to this little winery for lunch. You absolutely must join us sometime! They have the most spectacular lunch and their wines are to die for!" It just sounds Educated. Elegant.
And, of course, every winery has a small section where they sell wine-related goods. T-shirts. Wine bags. Wine glasses. Sausage. Cheese. Corkscrews. And, suddenly, I's all about the shopping!
Men who drink wine enjoy it in the privacy of their home or some quaint little restaurant. Women want to go out in public, drink as much free alcohol as they can, have a nice girly lunch, and SHOP!
So, to help support my fellow women and their need for alcohol and shopping, I've created these great little charms. Wine Glass Charms. No, I didn't come up with the idea, although I'd like to claim I did. I simply saw some for sale and thought, "How absolutely FABULOUS! I must make some of those!" and voila.
These little babies are something every woman needs. Why, you may ask? Tell me, have you ever been sitting around drinking with your friends and everyone has a glass that looks the same, and suddenly you've had one too many and you can't remember which glass was yours and which was your friend's friends glass (who, by the way, has a gum infection that is causing her teeth to rot out)? Well, here's your simple, elegant, fun solution. Put a charm on your glass!
So, come and visit us here in wine country, buy one of my gorgeous wine glass charms, sit out in the garden and listen to our live music, but please remember....we don't really spit the wine back out when we taste.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Calling all Nudists!

So, you want to be able to run around nekkid all the time, do you? Okay. I have no problem with that. In fact, I'm here to help.
I have this great line of products that I've created for the nudist in us all. All of my products are made by me, Tamara, with organic, all-natural ingredients that are guaranteed to make your skin look and feel better than is has since the day you got it!
I have this fantastic Body Scrub. 2 of them, actually. A brown sugar scrub and a coffee scrub. I wasn't really sure that either was worth making, at first, but I was sooooo wrong. Honestly, I wasn't too crazy about the coffee scrub until I used it the first time. I added a mild organic cleanser, so I can use it in place of my regular soap, which is fantastic news for me. I've only been able to use one kind of soap for years because my skin is so over-sensitive, but that's all changed now! This coffee scrub (I named it Java Junkie -- isn't that great!?!?) worked so damn good that, after I used it, someone told me I was 'glowing'. Is that not the corniest thing? Still, it was nice to hear. I guess that means it works, right?
Anyway, I made it with organic coffee. They say coffee helps reduce the cottage cheese thighs. We'll see. Not that I have cottage cheese thighs. Really.
I threw in some grapeseed oil, which is fantastic for the skin. Makes it smooth and adds moisture. Research shows it may help fight cancer, too. It heals up damaged tissues and firms up skin tone, also.
You really oughtta give this scrub a try. Or the Sugar scrub, 'cause it's just as fantastic.
Oh...did I mention...I used this right before I shave my legs. It's unbelievable how long my legs stayed smooth. It gunked up my razor really bad and I kept thinking, 'this just ain't worth it'. Then 24 hours passed and my legs were still super smooth. After 48 hours, I had a tiny bit of stubble, but it wasn't enough to shave off. It was barely noticeable after 72 hours, but 96 hours later I decided to shave again. Not bad, considering I usually have to shave every other day. It cut my weekly shavings in half! Surprisingly, it is easier on my razors, too. I guess maybe the oils in the scrub form a protective coating over the razor like it does the skin...?
I finally caught up with myself on Etsy. You really oughtta check that place out! Here is a great place to start Who knew there were so many great artists out there?
Oh! I almost forgot! I'm running a promo through both Tamara's Herbes and Etsy... Buy $20.00 worth of products on either of my sites and recieve a free gift. I promise it's not something useless and stupid. I just want to leave myself open to send something that goes along with what you buy.
Happy Shopping and stay nekkid!